Big Game Brooks

Brooks has a chip on his shoulder as he hasn't gotten the recognition as a top player over the last few years within some media outlets. It's pretty crazy to think that this is an actual discussion. Back to back US Opens and PGA Championships is absolutely insane. If you arent on Brooks for every Major or big tourney going forward, you are just kidding yourself.

Brooks became an elite tour golfer because of his mindset. He has an outstanding perception of the game, and he controls his thoughts possibly better than anyone else on tour.

In interviews after wins he has stated the following:

  • I don't think at address
  • I blank out before and during the swing
  • I stay in the moment
  • I stay focused on myself
  • I don't care what other players are doing 
  • I don't care what people think

He has mastered all the above. These are outstanding qualities to have with the game of golf. He also stated that when the crowd started chanting "DJ" when he started to shit the bed with that stretch of back-nine bogeys, he got motivated to focus. And he did, he stopped the bleeding and won the PGA Championship on a grand stage.

To have these qualities and thrive in adverse situations is a combination of historic greatness in the game of golf. We need to take a page out of Brooks' book and master what he has mastered to get to our full potential in the game of golf. He is a great champion who is breadcrumbing us mental tips in his post-win interviews. Pay attention to what Brooks says; you can learn a lot. 


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