Getting Rattled

As a golfer, there isn't anything more unsettling than being in a golf tournament and hitting a shank on the first hole. Especially when you havent shanked a shot in years. Having a scenario like that happen would rattle anyone, even the pros.

When you get rattled, it is shocking, and your nerves run wild. It throws off your confidence, rhythm, and timing. It usually has a domino effect and can be disastrous if you don't regroup quick. 

So how do you regroup from this? Everyone has different ways of dealing with turbulence on the golf course, however with my many years of terrible shots at the critical moments in my round, I have found a technique that has brought me great results. Here is what I do immediately after getting rattled:

1) I immediately start breathing. I will take 5 to 10 good sized breaths discretely - Biologically speaking, this calms the mind and body according to many studies, I can attest. I do this so I can return to a more relaxed state as fast as possible. 

2) I do not rush, I back off, move a little slower before approaching the next shot - This allows me to have a little more time to try to erase the horrible shot from my mind.

3) I do my best to intensify my focus on the next shot - When I do this, it helps me to look forward and prevents me from reflecting back on the poor shot. 

If you can remember to do this after your next shank or rattling moment on the course, it may help you to regroup fast, so you don't bleed out on the course.


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