Hoodies on the Golf Course?

Golf has been a "formal" game when it comes to attire. As long as I can remember there have been rules and requirements on what you can wear on a golf course. Its always been a collared shirt, pants, kaki shorts, NO Jeans, etc. 

But as the game has evolved over the last 20 years or so, the attire as evolved as well, at least on the PGA Tour. Tiger started wearing non-collared shirts, Rickie Fowler wears the flat brimmed hats and looks like an orange popsicle at times and Daly looks like a tropical fruit basket. But it has been good for the game, it's added some style and flash. It's also nice for players to be unique and have their own style, I think people seem to like that. The recent buzz is the hoodie, it's the good and bad talk of the PGA right now. The photo below says it all. 

Golf should be all about wearing what you are comfortable playing in, and what you play the best in when it comes to attire. I'll say with one caveat, you shouldn't look like a slob. If the game can evolve to have more comfortable clothes and gear, the better. It really comes down to what you play best in. It will also attract more people to the game and the stuffy reputation will further dissolve. Gopher Golf is all about the hoodies, grab your Gopher Golf hoodie now with this 10% off discount: HOODIE10

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