Jordan Speith Tune Up

The golf media has been all over Jordan Speith about his play over the last year or so. They are trying to figure out what's wrong with his game. They need to realize that he came on Tour with instant success and then had the most impressive year on record in 2015 as a 22-year-old. He won the Masters, the US Open, placed 4th at the Open Championship and tied for 2nd at the PGA Championship, he won 5 PGA Tour events (including the two majors), awarded the PGA Player of the Year, the Jack Nicklaus Trophy, the Vardon Trophy, and the Arnold Palmer Award. Man, he set the bar high early on in his career. Now everyone expects him to do that every year.

Jordan Speith is an incredible talent. He has some outstanding qualities. However, if there is one weakness that he may need to improve, it would be his temperament on poor shots. Gopher Golf loves that he is an emotional, competitive and focused player, it makes him exciting to watch. However, he may be putting too much unnecessary pressure on himself which is restricting his play and resulting in added negative emotion. You see his frustrations after every poor shot. He should realize that he is so darn good, that no matter what the poor shot, he can still make par or birdie, or eagle the next hole.

Our analysis: He just needs to go out and have fun and let go of the tension. He is that good, he can just go out in these tournaments, have fun and win. He is in an elite category in which he can play four off rounds and still win a tournament on the PGA Tour. The only other player we have seen of that caliber is Tiger.

Jordan will be just fine. Its golf, its a challenge. There are ups and downs with this game. Part of the fun is overcoming the challenges. He will improve his mindset and work through anything he is wrestling with to get back in the winner's circle. We are rooting for him.

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