Nate Lashley the PGA Tour Champ

Nate Lashley as most of you have probably already heard, had a difficult stretch leading to his first PGA Tour victory this past weekend. He lost his parents and girlfriend in a plane crash, struggled with his game, and dealt with uncertainty with his future in golf. He was selling real estate and flipping homes for a period of time. However, despite the challenges he faced, he never gave up. He played mini-tours while he worked in real estate. He kept it going and qualified for the PGA Tour Latin America. From there he worked his way up to the Tour and earned his tour card there, then his PGA Tour card in 2018.

The no giving up attitude and hard work brought him the opportunity, mixed with a little luck (what good attitude and hard work brings), and he got his shot to play in the Rocket Mortgage Classic. He took advantage of getting the last spot in the field because of a withdrawal and rose to the occasion. He shot 63,67,63 and 70, and no one could catch him.

It is fantastic to see stories like this. Lashley is an example of what fighting through adversity, never giving up, positive attitude, and hard work can bring. And the hard part is dealing with the adversity because it plays mind games with you. It makes you question what you are doing, if you should quit, take the easy way out, and it will do everything to make you loose belief in yourself. But the one thing that adverse situations do is prepare you for greatness if you have the passion to fight through it. The hardships and anguish build grit and mental toughness for future success.

We saw this with Lashley's win. He's had a long road to get to that final round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic, but the nerves he may have faced going into that Sunday were nothing compared to some of the adversity he experienced. He went wire-to-wire, and he did not stumble through all 72 holes. He wasn't fazed, and his nerves were steady because his past prepared him for his future.  

Lashley is going to win more tournaments, and we'll be rooting for him. He is an inspiration for any of us amateurs that are shooting for high goals in golf. Try to remember to embrace the adversity as it is a stepping stone to something great, and never give up, just like Nate Lashley. 

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