Offseason Intensity

I have been writing a lot about making the most of this offseason to improve yourself before heading into the golf season ahead. Now is the time, before you know it, the weather will be warm and it will be tourney time. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Since we have a limited window to get after it, lets really get after it. Make your workouts count, push yourself to complete your lifts in the gym, push the stretching, push the book reading to build knowledge about your golf game. What you do now is what will determine your season. The offseason is an amazing time to develop and grow, then you put it into action when you go out and play.

Think of the seasons like a staircase. A staircase is made up of "risers" and "runs" (the riser is the rise of the steps, the runs are the sections you step on). Your offseason is the riser, this is where you work and grow. The run is your season, this is where you play and put your work into action. Without the riser, you would not have stairs, you wouldn't ascend, you would be on a flat path. If you don't do shit in your offseason, you will have no rise, you will not ascend. This time is an opportunity to rise. It is right there for you to take. If you want to be a better golfer, take advantage of this opportunity of colder weather to rise.

Golf teaches you a lot about life. Make the most of your opportunities and you will improve your game and way of life. Get after it, work intensely and rise to your potential. 

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