Offseason Training - Golf Lifts

Since we are entering the golf offseason and the rounds may be tapering down because of colder weather, it is a great opportunity to shift your focus to getting back into the gym and increasing your strength and flexibility for the upcoming season. Building lower body strength, core strength, and upper body strength can go a long way for distance on the golf course. Here are some good lifts to incorporate into your gym routine that help out a great deal:

Lower Body -  Split Squat: Put one foot out and the other elevated on a bench and lower down to 90 degrees holding two dumbells. Figure out the sets and reps that work for you. This builds quad strength, balance and core strength. Photo below:

Core - Medicine Ball Russian Twist: Position yourself in the sit-up position and hold a medicine ball and twist from side to side to fire the oblique ab muscles. The position engages your core and the twisting builds the obliques which help with power on your swing rotation. Photo below:

Upper Body - Bench Press: This lift is the main barometer of strength in the world of weightlifting and isn't typically associated with golf. However, benching with a flat back and feet up engages core and stability as well as builds power in the chest, shoulders, back and tricep muscles that play an important role in swing speed. Photo below - A is Traditional, B is Core:

More blog workout posts to come for the offseason. Hope this helps your workouts!



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