Pre-Shot Swing Thoughts

Many golfers, if not all of them have had negative thoughts slip in right before the swing or even mid-swing. When this happens it usually leads to an errant shot and that results in lost strokes.

So how can we overcome this issue?

Well, I have struggled with this for years. However, I have recently overcome it with my change in attitude towards the game. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my goal for optimal mental fortitude with the game of golf is a work in progress, however, I am seeing results. That's why I want to share them with you. Here are three techniques I use to help block the negative thoughts. I do all three before I swing:

1. Have a good pre-shot routine. For example, jiggle the club 3 times, look down the fairway, then just hit it. You can do whatever you want or whatever makes you comfortable, just make sure you do this consistently every time on every shot. It calms any nerves and blocks the negative thoughts.

2. I never ever think about what I don't want to do. I only think about what I will do and where I want the ball to go. I visualize a few times the exact trajectory, direction and distance of my shot.That builds confidence before my swing. I only think about what I want to do with each shot. Nothing else.

3. When I use to address the ball, I used to be so anxious to hit it and put a lot of pressure on myself to hit it well. I no longer do that. I am relaxed and reflect on how there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever for me on this shot. I am not the leader of the 2018 Masters teeing off on the 18th tee with that narrow tee shot and millions watching. I am/we are amateur golfers, no one cares! So I now relax, and think how I am grateful I am to be out playing golf right before hitting the ball. Kind of like Happy Gilmore going to his "happy place"!

If you put these tips into practice, it will help. But you need to practice them and turn them into habits to see results.

Crush it out there,

Ben Stefan

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