The Story of Gopher Golf Ball Markers

I am an avid golfer, and I have been playing this great game since I was seven years old. When I was young, I developed an association between my performance on the golf course and the ball marker I used. If I was using random ball markers such as pennies, random coins, or cheap plastic markers, I was never consistent. I figured there was a direct parallel when I was young. So, I started to use only quarters because I noticed I seemed to play better with them. As I played more and more with quarters, I developed my lucky quarter as a ball marker. I associated it with my better rounds, confidence, no fear on shots, and knocking in putts.

However, the only thing I needed was a message on it, so I would remember the right things to think to keep my head in the game so that I wouldn't lose my cool through adverse or pressure situations. That's what inspired the Gopher Golf ball markers. It is a reminder to relax, stay composed, and keep a winning attitude no matter what you face on the course.

- Ben, Gopher Golf Founder

At Gopher Golf, the mission is to help golfers take their game to the next level by improving their mindset and comfort on the course. We believe that a combination of mindset and comfort can help take your game to new heights. Feel, rhythm and comfort play a large part in mindset, and confidence, which produces your results. Strengthening these facets of your game is our goal.

The right golf tips, and technique can help increase comfort, confidence, and strengthen mindset. Gopher Golf wants you to be comfortable and confident on the course. We want to help you build a healthy, positive attitude so you can overcome adversity in your round and get great satisfaction in every round you play. That's when the game gets really fun.

Our blog, Gopher Golfing Blog & Tips, addresses common attitudinal golf issues, tips, and drills to keep your performance sharp. Our ball markers serve as a tool to maintain an effective attitude through the round to produce results.

 Go crush it, relax, and have fun out there!

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