Podcasts that focus on mental and technical golf tips to help you go low:

Introduction [S1E1]
Visualization [S1E2]
Strength & Fitness [S1E3]
Staying in the Moment [S1E4
Thinking During Your Round [S1E5]
Performance Anxiety [S1E6]
Prep and Routine [S1E7]
Emotion [S1E8] 
Golf & Life [S1E9]
Golf Course & Game Mgmt [S1E10]
Interview with Kyle Akins [S1E11]
Putt for Dough [S1E12]
Focus [S1E13]
Motivation & Encouragement [S1E14]
Every Shot Counts [S1E15]
Staying in the Moment II [S1E16]
Play Fearless Golf [S1E17]
Enduring Long Rounds [S1E18]
Interview with Joey Davisson [S1E19]
Rhythm & "Golf Flow" [S1E20]
Offseason Conditioning [S1E21]
What to do During the Offseason [S1E22]